So much information is available online for parents to research adults who are around their minor children, people on the dating scene to find out more about their love interest (especially before this person meets their child(ren).)  Below are some links to free websites to help you find out about your babysitter, new boyfriend/girlfriend, your spouse’s new boyfriend/girlfriend and other people who are around your children.

Court Document links:

Circuit Court and some District Court records in Arkansas

It is oftentimes useful to have the person’s date of birth to insert into your search on this link to get better access to criminal records. Some District Courts misdemeanors and those will be found if you have a date of birth.

Vine Link for Victims to find Perpetrator Status and Location

Sex Offender List in Arkansas

Good Private Investigation Team in NWA

Arkansas State Police Criminal Background Check

Release and Instructions for checking Child Maltreatment Registry in Arkansas

Identity History Check through the FBI

And, don’t forget sending a Freedom of Information Act request to District Court Clerks in cities/towns where you think this person might have resided.

Sample FOIA Request