Joint Custody can be pretty rough on kids.  Different houses, different routines and different atmospheres can still work –  if both parents (and step-parents) acted right. In an ideal situation shared custody probably is in the best interests of most kids.  But, people tend to be unkind (to say the least) to former spouses or partners and that is a good way to lose your joint custodial rights.  See the case below to reconsider your behavior if you are wanting joint custody.

Montez v. Montez, 2018 Ark. App. 55 (Ark. App., 2018)


Our statute regarding joint custody of children can be found here.

Judge Tom Smith in Benton County Circuit Court has put some language together he now requires be in any joint custody arrangements.  These provisions may be helpful to follow irregardless of whether they are part of your Court Order.

Judge Smith Joint Custody Language  Parenting Plan Judge Smith Benton County