Arkansas is not a “no-fault” state. The laws as they relate to the divorce in Arkansas are contained in Chapter 12 “Divorce and Annulment”. Grounds for divorce can be found at Arkansas Code § 9-12-301.

The basic grounds, at present, are the following:

1.) When either party, at the time of the contract, was and still is impotent;

2.) When either party shall be convicted of a felony or other infamous crime;

3.) When either party shall:

a.) Be addicted to habitual drunkenness for 1 year;

b.) Be guilty of such cruel and barbarous treatments as to endanger the life of the other; or

c.) Offer such indignities to the person of the other as shell render his or her condition intolerable;

4.) When either party shall have committed adultery subsequent to the marriage.

5.) When spouses have lived separate and apart from each other for 18 continuous months, without cohabitation.

In an uncontested divorce case, ground for divorce do not need to be corroborated. However, if your grounds are based on the 18-month separation a third person must confirm, either in person or affidavit, that they have personal knowledge of the 18-month separation.