CHILD SUPPORT laws were completely overhauled in the State of Arkansas effective July 1, 2020. Support is now calculated by taking both parents income into account, rather than just the payors.

Each parent must complete the Affidavit of Financial Means. Based on said affidavits, the resulting gross income of both parents is combined. The new child-support chart is consulted in an overall support amount is set. Each parent’s percentage of the combined income is assigned to the child support number.

To see an example of a more traditional custodial parent and non-custodial parent worksheet see this example.


To see an example of a joint custody child support worksheet, see this example.


For a list of permissible deductions from income click here.

The costs of work related childcare and the child’s portion of the health (dental, etc.) coverage are also factored in these worksheets.
It is the opinion of Kimberly Morse Canova that overtime and bonuses are intended to be used in these calculations. For overtime, I suggest using a year’s average. For bonus income, a court can use what accountant’s call a “True Up”.