In Arkansas, child support guidelines are contained in Administrative Order No. 10

There have been supplements to Administrative Order No. 10.  They are as follows:

January 2002 Supplement

2007 Supplement

2007 Supplement #2

2011 Supplement regarding support on bonuses

The child support charts, based on your net income as defined in Administrative No. 10 are as follows:

Monthly Chart

Semi-Monthly Chart (paid 24 times per year)

Bi-Weekly Chart (paid 26 times per year)

Weekly Chart

If the payor’s income exceeds the chart, you take the maximum number on the chart, and, based on the number of children, take that amount and then calculate the appropriate percentage (15% 1 child, 21% 2 children, 25% 3 children) of the income that exceeds the chart and add the 2 numbers together.

To calculate your net income as defined by Administrative Order No. 10, you complete an Affidavit of Financial Means.

Affidavit of Financial Means

For “bonus” income, you apply the same percentages, depending on the number of children, to the net amount of the bonus.

After your child support obligation becomes an Order of the Court, it will likely be paid via automatic wage withholding if you are employed.  Below is the Order-Notice that will be completed and sent to the Child Support Clearinghouse and your employer.

Notice-Order of Income Withholding

If you are self-employed, the Court is likely to take your income for the past 2 tax years, along with your year to date income, and calculate an average.