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It’s the holidays!!!  What? You’re sad because you either (a) overspent on gifts and maxed out your credit or (b) couldn’t buy gifts because your monthly payments on credit cards and the like eat up your budget?  Well, let’s start off your New Year on the right track.  We Americans are major consumers and the holidays have become about Black Friday, Amazon and stress.  Society dictates that we are supposed to show our affection by pricey, flashy gifts packaged in glittering boxes.  Let’s tell society to shut up and start 2017 with a financial fresh start and a new attitude about happiness and debt.

If you’re like most, your pride (keeping up with the Jones and/or not embarrassing family) will be a factor in your decision to seek help from getting out of that increasingly heavy bucket of quicksand in which you are gasping for air.  Let’s equate your debt problem with some similar issues:  you’re in an abusive relationship; your job is horrible and you’re getting paid pennies on the dollar for your effort; or, a serious medical diagnosis results in your being prescribed pain killers, resulting in a pill addiction, all while following doctor’s orders.  Would your family want you to continue to get physically and verbally abused rather than going through the process to dissolve that abusive relationship?  Would your family want you to stay at that job that doesn’t pay enough to have basic life necessities?  Would your family want you to stay on the prescription pain killers, resulting in a deeper addiction, rather than get better medical treatment that won’t ultimately render you a drug addict?  No.  They wouldn’t.  They also would not want you swimming in debt with creditors calling your cell phone throughout the day and the possibility of being evicted or losing your house hanging over your head.  Stress is horrible to a person, both mentally and physically.  We are also a very stressed society.  Possibly we’re a stressed society because we are big consumers?

Stop the madness.  There are some areas in life where you have some control and debt is definitely an area you can get under control.  Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can free you from a lot, if not all, of your debt.  Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can rehabilitate you, financially, getting your monthly payments to many creditors per month down to a manageable 1 monthly payment for all or most of your creditors and paying that huge amount of debt off within 3-5 years and restoring your credit and good name.

The first step to less stress is talking with a bankruptcy lawyer to discuss your options.  If you qualify for relief under the Bankruptcy Laws you can emerge with a fresh start on life.  Call Canova Law & Mediation at 479-316-4487 or email [email protected] to get started today.