Co-Mediation Now Offered at Canova Law & Mediations

We have begun offering and using co-mediation as an oftentimes quicker, less expensive and more productive 1 on 1 approach to mediation.  Our co-mediators work in concert during a mediation to help each party feel that they are being heard and understood and that their needs and ideas are being thoughtfully explored.  Thus far, our co-mediations have been tremendously successful and the response from the parties and their attorneys has been phenomenal!  During Co-Mediation, we will, if possible, we have an initial joint session with all parties, attorneys and 2 mediators.  When we split into separate rooms, or "caucus," one mediator stays with each party to flesh out their concerns and help devise a thorough resolution to the issues or a response to an offer on the table.  Neither party is left for hours waiting in a small room for the other party to make an offer of settlement or to respond to an offer.  Lawyers out there can tell you about the countless and non-productive hours they might spend in mediation if the other side of a case did not come to the bargaining table with either a good grasp of the case or at least a global proposal of settlement and much time is spent in holding pattern for one or both parties to gird their loins and either make an offer or respond to one already on the table.  With co-mediation, no time is wasted as the party is almost always with a mediator and working to map out different and creative resolutions to the scenario.  We have found that time spent in co-mediation is less and both parties are pleased with the mediation process.  Call us today to arrange a co-mediation in your case!