Helping to resolve legal disputes out of court
Mediation is a legal process that provides an alternative to court for resolving disputes. A mediator works to control the conversation and helps both parties make informed decisions.

“A lot of courts will require mediation before hearing a case.”

The parties in dispute work at the same table, or at least in the same building, with the assistance of a third party neutral (the mediator), to craft a personalized resolution to their issues.

There are many advantages to using a Mediator:
  • Save money – less expensive than hiring a trial lawyer
  • Quicker resolution than going to court
  • Less formal than a courtroom
  • Open communication and no civil procedure limitations
  • The involved parties are active in making the resolution

These services are distinct and, as mediators, we cannot offer legal advice pursuant to law. We can, however, discuss what ideas might work for you and your family rather than get tangled up in a sometimes black and white system and “rubber stamp” policies.

Mediation gives you control over the process and can often provide faster, custom-tailored and more satisfying results than going to trial. Further, it is, more often than not, less expensive.

Effective decision making
Communication is key in resolving any kind of issues, legal or otherwise. Oftentimes communication between parties has completely stopped or worse. Communication between 2 clients and 2 lawyers can be a nightmare. Effective decision making involves making yourself familiar with your issues and then coming together with a mediator to identify those issues and problem solve to resolve those issues.

Resolving family law disputes
The advantages to family law mediation include:

  • You and your spouse or child’s parent decide on issues involved, including:
    • Distribution of property
    • Spousal maintenance
    • Post-divorce parenting
    • Custody
    • Visitation
  • Costs less than divorce litigation and takes less time
  • The relationship of the divorcing couple may be less strained after mediation than after divorce litigation
  • You have the power to agree to the terms

Preserving relationships
In many cases, both parties are best served when they establish a cordial relationship, especially when children are involved. Through the structured process of mediation, you can set aside hostility and agree on common interests (i.e. we both want our children happy, we both want to walk away as financially secure as possible) and then discuss how to reach an agreement that keeps those common interests in mind.

Mediation can be a highly effective tool for you to preserve the stability and well-being of family relationships during the turbulent process of litigation or prior to filing a lawsuit. The predictability of mediation reduces the stress of legal conflicts and puts important decisions in your hands, rather than in the court’s power.

Contact a Certified Northwest Arkansas Mediator to help you resolve your disputes
At Canova Law Firm & Mediation Services, we have skilled and certified mediators who help parties in conflict steer their way to a resolution and avoid a nasty trial.

Our mediators have successfully resolved numerous disputes for over a decade. Our mediators are certified by the Arkansas Dispute Resolution Commission, and our team has assisted the Commission in designing continuing education programs and presenting these studies to fellow mediators.

For assistance with mediation, call Canova Law Firm & Mediation Services at 479-316-4487 or contact our firm online to schedule a free initial 45 minute consultation.  It is preferable that all parties to the dispute attend the consultation. Please visit our resources page for forms that will be helpful for a successful consultation.